Hello Scorpio

by Virgin Teeth

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released March 4, 2016

Music and Words by: Kevin Eagle Oliver

Virgin Teeth on this recording is:

Kevin Eagle Oliver: Vocals, Guitars, Synthesizers (Roland Juno 6, Roland Gaia, Custom Eurorack Modular System built by Trevor Brooks) Electric Piano, Percussion.

Blake Ritterman: Drums and Percussion, Time, Vibes, Shades.

Trevor Brooks: Additional Synthesizers, Percussion, Effect Manipulation, Encouragement, Space.

Ted Taforo: Saxophones and Magic on "Anti Hero"

Produced By: Kevin Eagle Oliver, Trevor Brooks and Allen Blickle

Audio Engineering:

Trevor Brooks - San Francisco, Ca. In a very dubious unnamed rehearsal studio where live basics and the majority of additional instruments were added recorded.

Gordon Straszheim - Topanga, Ca. In the most serene and relaxed environment possible Vocals were engineered.

Allen Blickle - Venice, Ca. - In an unassuming apartment a sonic wizard helped to bring these songs to life. Additional synths, keys, guitars and vocals were recorded, drums were smashed, seances held and ultimately the E.P. was Mixed.

Mastered by: Paul Gold at Salt Mastering - Brooklyn, NY

Album Artwork: Liz Bretz www.lizbretz.com



all rights reserved


Virgin Teeth California

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Track Name: Time Flies
Time flies and when it spreads its heavy wings the past dies and the future is written in the song of the summer skies your footsteps fade you've settled all your debts for a silence you would never trade

How does it taste after all this time to finally find a little peace of mind and how does it feel after all these years in the fog of fear to finally see it all clear

Your days are dreams and the nights are filled with things you wish that you had never seen thick black smoke and clouds that spell out all the names you never want to speak aloud and the sirens scream so you join them in the chorus of a song you thought you would never sing

its such a strange thing to be at war while your wearing your enemies wedding ring
Track Name: Sleep Tight
When she's sleeping thats when I whisper all my secrets silver strands of thought born before the time bright like lightning storms caught inside her busy brain sometimes shining like the sun sometimes drowning all the light in pouring rain

either way she'll be sleeping through the night and I'll be wide awake

When she's dreaming thats when I listen for the stories that she's breathing tender little tales they go twisting through the air like tendrils of smoke that she exhaled and I don't even care if they're true or if they're lies every morsel from her mouth is old and wise

besides either way she'll be sleeping through the night and I'll be wide awake

when she wakes up the devils in her bed and a choir of angels is singing in her ringing head all she wants to do is fall right back to sleep and forget her busy week
Track Name: Anti-Hero
It starts in confusion your wandering lost in the fog till you find an illusion a dream so real you can taste and feel so you follow its footsteps and that path is long and strange you mistake your missteps and start to believe the web that you weave

It lasts for a lifetime your chasing a kite through the wind when you think that you've caught it you watch as it slips away once again so you climb ever higher through castles of air where the steps never end seduction desire the song of the sirens gets stuck in your head

take all you can take take all that you can break all you can break the world inside of your hands

It ends in reflection cracks in the mirror begin to appear how could you have missed them you were so blind you wasted all of your time so make your amends now or wear the mask and hide all your pain till you pass through the threshold and wait for the cycle to begin once again
Track Name: Hello Scorpio
Why do we lie why do we cry why is there nothing we know better than the taste of these tears that stain all our years and all of our love letters

I don't know why but darling we have to cry

There is no pain like we have known pain there is no greater pleasure than watching these hurts turn to gold in the dirt were mining our greatest treasure

I don't know why but darling we have to cry

or is this our final turn will we finally burn I never want to return

I'll never know why but darling we have to die